Top 10 Reasons Why

Why Choose Texas Portable Buildings

Searching for a well-built, portable building in Texas can be a difficult task. Buying a building can be a big decision. It is necessary to find one that not only fits your requirements but will last. If you’re ready to purchase a portable building, contact Texas Portable Buildings today! We understand that shopping for your ideal building might feel overwhelming because of all the alternatives out there. How do you know you’re getting quality and the most reasonable value? The following was probably written for you.

How do you know you’re getting quality and the most reasonable value? Below we have listed the “top 10 reasons” you should consider investing in a Portable Building from Texas Portable. While the following list is not exhaustive, it will definitely give you a good idea of what to expect in one of our portable buildings.


  1. Texas Portable Buildings utilizes the finest structure materials. Our buildings are made with skilled Mennonite Craftsmanship. (The finest in business).
  2. Texas Portable Buildings utilizes 2×6 flooring joists instead of 2×4 thereby making the structure more DURABLE and STRONG. This wood is treated to withstand mildew, termites, and decay.
  3. Texas Portable Buildings walls, floors, and trusses are all built of high-quality lumber and the nails are hot dipped galvanized ring shank. They hold like screws and will not rust.
  4. Texas Portable Buildings wall studs are carefully handpicked and inspected to ensure that you get a superior product. We only use 2’×4′ wall studs with a double stud every 4 feet. All wall studs, as well as floor joists, are nailed 16″ on-center for maximum strength durability (built just like your home).
  5. Texas Portable Buildings Truss System is complete with Double Top Plate and Hurricane Ties for strength that can withstand high winds. In addition, all of our portable buildings come standard with Continuous Eave and Ridge Vent to provide optimal ventilation. To top it off, we offer metal or shingle roof standard in all of our buildings.
  6. Texas Portable Buildings features “Full Continuous Soffit” vent under each eave.This keeps our buildings properly ventilated and will keep your building cooler in the summertime.
  7. Texas Portable Buildings have an industry leading service warranty. All shingle and metal roofing products have a 25 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
  8. Texas Portable Buildings offers a 7-year service warranty on workmanship.
  9. Texas Portable Buildings uses the most friendly RENT-TO-OWN program in Texas. “NO CREDIT CHECK, NO SECURITY DEPOSIT, & LOW MONTH-TO-MONTH TERMS.
  10. Texas Portable Buildings includes FREE setup and delivery within 50 miles of our dealer location. All buildings are set where you want them by professionally trained installers.

Though these factors will not directly show you how well built our portable buildings are, it will give you insight into our industry leading Mennonite craftsmanship. Purchasing from a high-quality company is the best way to ensure you end up with the best portable building for your particular need.

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