Ulrich Shed Builders of Texas Offers Quality & Appeal

Ulrich Storage Sheds

When you reside in a neighborhood with an active Homeowners Association, you feel the pressure to know exactly what sits on your property is the best of the very best. Ken Barnett needed a storage shed, and he required the style to fit in his well-groomed community. When he told his next-door neighbor, she was concerned that what he bought was going to be an eyesore to her. However, Ken knew just where to find a quality shed builder in Texas that had him covered. Ulrich sheds of Texas.

Ken needed the additional space in his current garage, the HOA in his community would only allow an 8 √ó 12 storage shed, not enough to fit his spouse’s mini cooper as he had hoped, however, the shed is big enough for him to store his motorbike inside. From here, Ken starts on insulating and sheetrocking the interior, to develop a workshop for himself.

With galvanized welded fencing, Ulrich Barn Builders would not have been able to build the shed in their factory, and deliver, so the onsite team of Caleb and Michael came and constructed his shed in one day. Ken was so happy with their work, and was shocked that Caleb was only twenty years old, “He had the maturity and drive of someone much older” he stated. Ken’s next door next-door neighbor was so delighted to see the finished product and recognized that he carefully considered the design and the impact it would have on the neighborhood. Now the whole area can look at, and delight in the craftsmanship of a quality built Ulrich Storage Shed.


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