Log Cabin Construction Feature Benefits

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If you love log cabins like we do, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that homes made with logs outperform traditional stick built homes in energy performance. On average as much as 15 percent. When one is constructing a log cabin they ought to use logs that are a minimum of eight inches thick in order to accomplish maxim performance.

Energy performance is not the only benefit one will realize with log homes. Homes built with logs also serve as a fantastic sound proofer. The log house has thick wood, which limits the amount of sound transmission. Hence a log cabin provides a rather serene living environment.

When it pertains to fire security, standard stick constructed houses are in higher risk of burning down than log houses. When one has a log constructed home, the logs have a natural resistance and insulation inherent. It’s┬ámore difficult for flames to burn through the house constructed with logs. Log houses are the number one choice for fire security in accordance with the LHC.

When an individual chooses to build a log house, they will have a home which is practically maintenance free. To assure the most maintenance free house possible, be sure your kit or builder is using kiln dried logs (preferably standing dead lumber). In addition, the exterior logs of the house must be treated with a water-sealing product after they are constructed into the house.This will keep the wood from turning gray over time.

Log cabins may have standard interior walls or rough incomplete walls, as well as log interior walls. In addition, most log homes have decks and fireplaces, as well as lofts.

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