Ulrich Log Cabins of Texas Gives Back to Camp Thurman

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First impressions set the tone for all the relationships that follow. Camp Thurman wanted to set the tone of a warm, welcoming environment. The goal of the builder Ulrich was to create that warm space, with an Ulrich Log Cabin Office. As soon as you get in Camp Thurman, you will find two Ulrich Log Cabin Offices. The Main office houses the Full-Time Staff. Two administrative desks sit at the front of the office, and the rear office comes belongs to manager Blake Bowman.


The second workplace is for Blake’s Brother, Bart. As Director of Operations, Bart guarantees that things are running just as they ought to be. Although his office is likewise utilized as a little bit of overflow for extra storage, he is delighted to have the space he needs to organize his tasks.

There is also a third office housing the staff that organizes the Night Campers. The evening camp enables kids to delight in the exact same activities as the day campers However they arrive at camp, just as the day campers are leaving, so they meet on the opposite side of the camp to avoid confusion, thus the need for their own office.

You would not envision finding a wooded sanctuary in the middle of the city. Nevertheless, that is just what our good friends at Camp Thurman have developed. Located in Pantego, TX, this summer camp is designed for children of any ages teaching team effort with a Christ Centered-set of values. typically 7,000 students make camp Thurman their destination each summer time, Camp Thurman had a number of requirements for Storage that Ulrich Barns was pleased to meet.

Camp Thurman has grown quickly since opening in 1969, and this year included their biggest pool task; The Sea of Galilee, and Nile River. With a total of Three Pools, Water Slides, Water Fountains, and a Lazy River, there is certainly the need for a Pool House. The camp has added two sheds overall; one shed houses swimming pool toys, life vests, and miscellaneous supplies; and the other stores Pool Chemicals.

The Shed built for storing Chemicals required a particular spot that proved tough to maneuver. However, our motorist Tim Glick worked hard into the wee hours of the night to make sure that the building was set exactly the way they needed it. He likewise carefully leveled to ensure they would never ever have problems with the doors, so it can always be securely locked for the protection of the young campers.

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